How it Works

Maintaining a healthy environment for your machining operations is imperative to success! Keep your company's machines from bringing down production with the Widow Systems Widow Systems Oil Mist Collection System. Our mist collectors are built with state-of-the-art technology for easy maintenance and accessibility. Protect your expensive machinery and enjoy maximum uptime by adding this item to your fleet today! Our mist collectors are engineered for use with water-based and whole oil-based coolants. This ensures maximum protection of your equipment while maintaining optimal machine operation. With a variety of styles, we've got the perfect fit for any machine tool.


Our Widow Systems series of turbine-style mist collectors can be used for all machine tools that use water or oil-based coolants. Our range of extraction systems provides a choice between two models fitted with different turbine blades and motors. This allows you to easily select a suitable machine for the size of your machine. The capacity of our products ranges from 350-1800 CFM, so you can find the perfect match for your needs. All Widow Systems Mist Collector models can be modified with pre-and post-filters at any given time to suit the application and materials worked by the machine tool. Please contact our customer service reps for a complete list of installation kits and other accessories that are available to purchase alongside your Widow Systems Mist Collector.


Our special backward-curved turbine impeller generates an air movement that removes the mist from the machine.

The high-speed air enters the collector housing. The even higher speed caused by the turbine is responsible for this. As droplets of water start to form together, coalescing happens. This creates bigger droplets. The specially designed turbine impeller is dynamically balanced so that it won't make any vibration in the machine. The air then moves on to the second filtration stage, which is a replaceable-type pre-filter with a high surface area and low-pressure drop.

New double-partition filtration means that the system filters out 98% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. The addition of the optional post filter has improved our filtration system's performance to 99.98%.